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Pigtails on Location
Bake it For You
Cowboy Tennis
Pigtails on Location Alexa Loren
Bake it For You Alexa Loren
Cowboy Tennis Alexa Loren
Pool day! I decided to catch some rays and sit by the beautiful waterfall. My modern bathing suit makes the pictures look sexy and sophisticated, like most magazine bathing suit ads. For a little while I could not flash any...
Have you ever wondered what it may be like to be my cuddle buddy at night? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience I personal striptease from Alexa Loren…well dream no longer! I threw on my baby pink...
I am originally from Houston, Texas so this photo shoot made me feel somewhat at home! [haha] We were in the “mountains”, or as much of a mountain it can get here out in the desert, at a little desolate ranch. You’ll notice...

Cooler Park Play
Bikini Mountain
Naturally Sexy
Cooler Park Play Alexa Loren
Bikini Mountain Alexa Loren
Naturally Sexy Alexa Loren
This day was hilarious! We went to the zoo public park and apparently this park is a known gathering place for single gay men! There was no one at the park and out of nowhere, a single car in his car parks right next to our...
Have you ever wondered what it may be like to be my cuddle buddy at night? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience I personal striptease from Alexa Loren…well dream no longer! I threw on my baby pink...
Welcome to my page! My name is Alexa Loren and I am half Spanish, half Egyptian. Please feel free to examine every part of my body for it is for your eyes only! I introduce myself and tell you a little about me, Alexa, as I get you...

Brunette in Black
Like a Famous One
Park Settings
Brunette in Black Alexa Loren
Like a Famous One Alexa Loren
Park Settings Alexa Loren
I started off in a little playground with swings and jungle gym equipment. When we first arrived at the location I was ecstatic to see we were shooting in a playground…I love swings! When I was a little girl and my class would...
As you guys may know, I always have to hit the gym in order to a) keep my figure and b) improve and tighten my “exotic curves”- I like to flatter myself sometimes! I hit the gym every day doing a variety of exercises and machin...
We went to two different properties were I was left in awe of the beautiful condos surrounding me. We got kicked out of the first location, which we caught all on film, and at our second location, we met a random guy that...

Classy to Casual
The superhottie Alexa Loren returns, back by popular demand, in another mega, comprehensive update!  She's looking better than ever, and she gets even more daring this time.  Wearing a hot classy pair of pants and sexy top, she visits a major department store, and flashes her breasts, gets naked all over the furniture!  She even sits next to other customers and watches their reaction as her breasts pop out!  Trying to play with herself on a bed at the furniture store, she gets caught...  Well she loves the attention, so she goes to a public pool with several guys around, wearing a really sexy swimsuit. The breasts come out, and she masturbates right there, in the middle of the pool!  The guys are loving it.  Simply not having enough of public nudity, she goes to a park, and while the sprinklers are on, she gets totally naked, running around and getting wet!  Another park to be found, and she's masturbating again, to a squirting orgasm!  On the next day, she's baking cookies for you, topless of course.  On the kitchen counter, she starts masturbating, using her fingers to get off.  Later in the day in pigtails looking so cute, she teases us and gives us a nice breast massage, and does some topless hula-hoop action.  Later that night, wearing a hot tennis outfit (some of you members requested this... specifically!) she plays some tennis, but without any panties.  While others are playing in the background, she plays with herself, and her breasts are out for all to see!  She is definitely not shy.  Another morning, and she's in some casual wear with pink heels, and teases us some more.  Masturbating on the bed, she can bring herself to orgasm with just her fingers!  Then its time for a hike, and an encounter with a rattlesnake oh my!  Some hard breast massage in the sunset, with some cowboy-style shooting involved.  Sticking to the cowboy theme, she visits a local bar where they have a mechanical bull... so she rides it as best as she can while the guys all enjoy the view. Join us for realy masturbation episodes.
Classy to Casual Alexa Loren
Truly one of the most gorgeous women to ever grace the pages of FTV, she exclusive to the site.  Big natural breasts, so firm, you'd think they're implants until you saw the videos!  Beautiful seductive face with an attitude that says 'I'm hot, and you're going to enjoy me'.This is one of the biggest updates to date, a total masturbation adventure in Phoenix, consisting of several days of shooting. After introducing herself at the FTV house, she masturbates for us, reaching orgasm...Then in a cute yellow dress, she flashes her big breasts, squeezing them, risking exposure. At a park, she plays on the swing, with upskirt views, and masturbates again, using her fingers.  Not shy about public, and actually enjoying it, she continues to flash on top of a roof with a sexy black dress on.The next day, she's visiting the gym, and while working out, flashing her private parts!This continues on the stairway, going back home to shave her private parts and take a shower... and masturbating there.Visiting a car wash, she gets her white top wet, and has several guys entertain themselves while she flashes her hot sexy breasts!  Not shy about public at all.Then at a popular resort area with many people around, she flashes again, wearing a very sexy classy outfit.  Nobody would have guessed what was going on!  She then goes to her car, and masturbates there for another strong, hot orgasm.  You think she is a risk taker in public, then check out the next day!  In a hot red dress, looking like some superstar, she visits a sassy condo complex, and flashes some more -- then takes all her clothes off and swims naked in the central condominium pool!! Of course, she is caught and forced to leave...Then she goes shopping for more cute clothes, and videotapes herself in the changeroom. More sexy outfit changes, and a visit to another resort, when we realize that she can squirt!!!  Indeed she maturbates and squirts several times, and like a bonus, she changes outfits and locations to do it again and again.
These pictures were taken on the top of the three story town home that has roof access. It has a great view of all my city, of which will remain unnamed, but ya’ll will eventually pick up on where I live! I was actually going to...

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